The Basics ~ Adoption: Step 5

Step 5:  Share Him With Others

As with every good thing you receive, there is a level of responsibility.  Once you begin a relationship with Jesus, you are responsible to share the joy you’ve found and what you’ve learned from Him and about Him with others.  When you really think about it though, this is more of a natural response to getting to know Jesus than a chore to check off a list.  Once you are focused on Jesus, your love and admiration for Him grows, and you can’t help but tell others what you’ve found in Him.

A good example can be drawn from the Book of Nature.

Consider this:  The sun shines its light on the moon in such as way that during the night, you can see the moon shining in the sky.  You see the light of the moon, but not the light from its source.  If the sun is shining on the moon but no light can be seen, you know that something is definitely wrong.

In the same way, Jesus, the Son of Righteousness, is shining the light of truth on you (John 8:12; 9:5; Matthew 5:14-16). Can you help reflecting that light for others to see?

There are many ways that you can let the light of Jesus shine through you.  God has given gifts or talents to everyone (Ephesians 4:8-13).  These talents are to be used to help others grow strong in Jesus.  Each person has a different talent.  Some people are good at speaking and explaining things.  They make good teachers, preachers, and evangelists.  Some may not speak as well, but they can sing or write.  Some are good at practicing hospitality: opening their hearts and homes to people who are physically, spiritually, and emotionally in need.  There are those who have the talent for drawing, painting, or sculpting.  Others have pleasant, winning personalities and are good at making friends and sharing Jesus one-on-one.  Still others are exceptionally skilled at caring for those who are ill.  There are so many gifts that God has given!  Too many to name here in one letter.

God has given you many talents.  Use them for Him!  You may not think you’re very gifted in certain areas, but the more you make use of your gifts in His service, the more you will develop (Matthew 25:14-30).

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