God’s Kids

This is the preface to a book I’ve been working on for some time.  Let me know what you think. – R.

God had children.

A lot of them actually.  But they were lost.

Some knew they were lost, and were trying desperately to find their way back to Him.  These were the easiest to find.  Others didn’t know they were lost, and, frankly, they didn’t care.  But God did.  While they could see no further than satisfying their present wants and desires, He saw the senseless pain, loneliness, and despair that were certain to result from their present course.

So He went out in search of all His kids.  Some eagerly ran out to meet Him when they heard Him calling.  Others ran and hid, or tried to disguise themselves when they heard He was in town.  They didn’t care to be found, and did their best to make sure it didn’t happen, but He always turned up at their door, lovingly inviting them to come home with Him.  Then there were those who felt so ashamed and embarrassed to be found in the state they were in that He had to gently reassure them of His love and coax them to come to Him.

Every time He found one of His kids, He would bring him (or her) home, clean him up, heal his wounds, care for him, set him on the right path, and shower him with love.  Then, together, they would go out in search of the others.

You are one of His kids.  He’s been searching for you all your life.  Can you hear Him calling your name with the deepest love?  He wants you to be His child again.