Eye Candy Gives You Cavities

A few months ago, I was reading about how many of us girls, whether naively or consciously, sometimes dress in ways that make guys see us as nothing more than sexual objects.  Then we get upset and complain about how they are objectifying us, when we are actually the ones who made ourselves eye candy to them.  The use of the term “eye candy” got me thinking about how I view eye candy.

I always considered it an innocent thing to see an attractive guy and consider him as nothing more than a handsome face, with no interest in his character, personality, or spirituality.  But this time I had to give it a second thought.  Is it really so harmless?

Suddenly I had a vision of myself sitting next to my wonderful future husband…gazing across the room at my eye candy.  How would my future husband feel about that?  Here I am, sitting next to him, while staring at another man who I claim to have no interest in and know nothing about.  Staring is not accomplished without simultaneous thought processes, and I can guarantee you that I wouldn’t want to have to tell my future husband what I was thinking about my this other guy.

The world says, “If all you did was think about it for awhile, it’s no harm.  You didn’t do anything.”

Our Lord says that the dwelling on the thought is already sin (Matthew 5:28).  Harboring inappropriate thoughts about someone else’s man is not a God-approved passtime.  And yes, let’s face it, he’s someone else’s man.  Don’t lie to yourself and say, “He could be my future husband.”  Because when you stop and count all the eye candy you’ve indulged in, it’s clear that all those guys were not your future husband.

Furthermore, that eye candy does nothing but ruin my appetite for a healthy dinner.  It takes away my appreciation for the real attractiveness in the character, personality, and, yes, even the looks of the person my Savior has chosen for me.

Like real candy, eye candy is void of nutritive value.  All it does is create an addictive feeling of pleasure, a high that feels great but doesn’t last.  And when it’s gone, I’m left feeling empty, and sometimes, a little sick.

God knew what He was talking about when He told us the first thing we should be seeking: His kingdom and His righteousness.  Instead of seeking temporary highs, He invites us to everlasting joy and contentment in Him, whether we are in a relationship or not.

Seek Him first, and let Him give you the healthy dinner and dessert that won’t make you fat, won’t make you sick, but will completely satisfy because you’re surrendered to Him.


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